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DOOiT is an innovative cryptocurrency designed to be a highly secure store of value that can be easily staked to earn trustless interest. Like bonds, certificates of deposit, and time deposit bank accounts, longer stakes provide higher yields.


DOOiT Exchange

DOOiT is The Next Generation Multi-Wallet System

Token Distribution


Only 1,000,000,000 $DOO tokens will ever be created.

July 2021 Private Sale

Token Dooit will have a private sale on July 2021. This is an extremely small, only selling to a few investor with a minimum total spend.

August 2021 PreSale

Token DOOiT presale will begin on Aug 12, 2021, is dedicated to everyone who wants to have a share in an exciting new field and a solid business opportunity, and also to create general awareness for the project

Beginning of September Adding Liquidity

$DOO will added liquidity on Beginning of September, we will add liquidity on platforms like PancakeSwap

January 2022 Market Exchange

Token DOOiT will be launching its own market exchange for cryptocurrency. Token dooit is going to get in early and go for two to three tokens that will have a solid us base appeal.

June 2022 P2P merchants & Exchange Mobile App

Exchange platform for P2P merchants & Exchange, an app to buy and sell your crypto. Both projects are now live on smart contract.


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The DOOit contract locked the presale Ether into the market permanently by burning issued BEP20 liquidity BNB Smart Chain tokens.

A pool of ETH on BNB Smart Chain backs all DOOit holders, who may choose to cash out at any time.

The value of DOOit's Ether pool grows as investors and traders buy and sell DOOit from Binance. Fees stay in the pool.

Massive liquidity allows investors to buy more without moving the price against themselves. All successful markets need massive liquidity in order to reach a large market cap.

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